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Bruno Reich

Mr. Reich has been a registered Architect for over 30 years. His experience designing and constructing buildings is extensive. 


"From a very early age I had a passion for building. In high school I  spent some time traveling Europe and was deeply moved by the beauty of  medieval towns and the excitement of modern urban developments. At the  University of Maryland I majored in Architecture and Engineering. My  passion was to be a master of every part of the process of building from  conception to occupancy. After graduation, apprenticeship and passing  the registration exams I set out to develop, design and build inspiring  places. In addition to my architectural practice I started a  construction company. I saw the need to marry emerging mass production  trends in construction with the timelessness of old world building  crafts so I developed relationships with manufacturers and began  training professional crews in various trades . There is no substitute  for hands on experience and a passion for being the best. What I offer  my clients is a lifetime of experience making projects a reality. I can  handle their projects from beginning to end or any part in between."  

Bruno Reich